Windhorst Knights Serve Catfish for Lenten Fridays

A few of the Harper Knights of Columbus 'Windsor Knights' stand ready to serve in the buffet line.

In this era of social media and hectic work schedules, which often involve a commute away from home, getting together as a community is rather difficult. One place however, still draws the people each spring and late summer, with the aroma of fried catfish and the sound of neighborly laughter.  

            Each year during Lent, the Knights of Columbus host a Friday night Fish Fry at the Windhorst Council #1457 Hall in Harper. Typically each Friday around noon, you will find several ‘knights’ already hard at work prepping the fish for the evening’s event. Included with the meal is a choice of baked or scalloped potatoes, (I recommend the cheesy) green beans, cole slaw, and a bun with butter. In the summer, when sweet corn and tomatoes are available, those are also added to the menu. For a beverage, there is a choice of milk, tea or coffee, and a cash bar open towards the back of the room. The price is $11.00 per person, with children costing only $6.00

            To keep the line moving, it takes an army of volunteers, and the kitchen is set up to run as smooth as possible. One half of the kitchen keeps fish in and out of the fryer, while the other half fills plates for the folks going through the line. The fun of this experience is heightened by the jovial personalities of the Harper Knights of Columbus. To get through the line without laughing or being teased a little is nearly impossible and I suppose might be a bit disappointing for some.


For the rest of this article, check out the March 27th issue of the Keota Eagle.