Tour of Homes: High School Lounge

This years Tour of Homes will feature a unique location; the Keota High School Lounge. This is an area that many have called home for many years while receiving their education. Many who have graduated from Keota have come together to help the Keota Eagle Advocates, an organization that was formed two years ago, help improve the school grounds and specifically the lounge.

According to Advocate Sheila Horras, “our goal is to provide accurate information regarding the school to the public, advocate for rural schools, and to promote and support a high quality education in our community. Members were randomly approached to form the founding group. We met with many consultants/successful schools to help us evaluate how we could improve our image. Joel Pederson from Cardinal in Eldon had a YouTube video showing what he had done to increase the enrollment of that school. He met with us and we went there to see his projects and were very impressed. On visiting our school, he felt we had a beautiful building but the entry/lounge was an eyesore and gave the wrong impression. That was the seed that initiated the lounge/commons project.”