Supervisors approve purchase of recycling facility

The Keokuk County Recycling Facility will soon be under new ownership.

SIGOURNEY- A deal over who and how to operate the Keokuk County Recycling facility could be imminent, as the Keokuk County Supervisors removed the final requirement leading to a deal. At the June 24 meeting of the Keokuk County Supervisors, the board unanimously approved a motion to purchase the Keokuk County Recycling facility from Harry Stever, the building’s current owner and a former hauler in Keokuk County.

Under terms of the agreement, the County will purchase the facility, which is located at 23514 Highway 149, south of Sigourney, for $104,400. Additionally, the County will be required to pay for sewer line upgrades, which Hadley said are estimated to be around $8-10,000. He noted that the building was appraised at $150,000, and that there’s also 10 acres of land around the facility. Hadley expressed his opinion that the County sell that land, which could be used to offset the costs of the sewer line upgrade.

“I think in today’s market, it’s good, flat land,” Hadley said.

Prior to the vote, the Board held numerous discussions with several members of the public who came and expressed concern/curiosity with what is going on with the facility. One citizen said shew as concerned the facility would be closing.

“I just want to make sure it stays there, I guess,” said rural resident Trisha Hayes, who said she uses the facility a couple of times a week.

Hadley informed Hayes that the facility would not be going anywhere.

“We are required to have a facility there for you so I think I can pretty much say that you’re going to have a facility,” he said.

Hadley further clarified his intentions on pushing for the board to take action on the ownership of the recycling facility. He noted that it has been a long time coming.

“The reason I really pushed hard on this is because we have no control, zero control, over the cost of the center, and it was approaching $112,000 this year. Rural taxpayers foot that,” Hadley said, noting that rural taxpayers have a portion of their tax levy go towards the recycling facility.


For the rest of this article, check out the June 24th issue of the Keota Eagle.