Supervisors approve 28E Agreement with Mahaska County

The Keokuk County Supervisors, at their regular meeting on Monday, August 19, formally took action on a sharing agreement between Mahaska County and Keokuk County, for to share the services of Keokuk County Engineer Andy McGuire. A 28E agreement between Mahaska County and Keokuk County was considered by the board after the Mahaska County Supervisors opted to seek different services for engineering.

Previously, Mahaska County had a 28E agreement with Monroe County to share engineering services, however the Mahaska County Supervisors expressed a desire to go in a different direction. Prior to the agreement between Monroe and Mahaska County, Mahaska County had their own County Engineer, Dave Shannahan. However, late last fall, Shannahan abruptly resigned his position.

At a prior meeting of the Keokuk County Supervisors, McGuire reported that Wood and himself had spoken at length with Mahaska County about sharing services. McGuire said he had the opportunity to review some information about the Mahaska County Highway Department, including financials, prior to a work session with the Mahaska County Supervisors.

“They’re in a good position right now,” McGuire said.

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