STEM Club at Wilson Memorial Library

Showing off their "Advevterous Hats" are STEM Club participants: (L-R) Jonathan Cline, Landon Beinhart, Sara Lenz, Gia Jeager, Nora Bayliss, Bryn Conrad, and Mia Conrad. 

The future of Keota just might include a few scientists or engineers. At least that is the indication from the attendance of the STEM Club opportunities happening around town. Both the Keota Elementary School library and the Wilson Memorial Library down the street transform into temporary laboratories and engineering firms on occasion. Members of the faculty serve as advisors for the school-sponsored STEM Club, while the STEM Club at the town library is sponsored by the Keokuk County Extension Service.

            In STEM Club, students learn how to be innovative and inventive, while earning hands-on skills in technical fields as they learn the concepts. STEM stands for ‘Science-Technology-Engineering-Math.’ Started several years ago, the concept behind STEM is to encourage young people to seek future employment in technical fields since it is generally accepted that most careers will require these skills in the future.


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