Smashing Paintballs: Hopefully Not

The library at Keota Elementary is NOT a quiet place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school. This is the time that the STEM club meets and the students are kept busy completing projects directed towards innovation and efficiency.

Last week was a particularly special day, as parents were invited to the testing of the “helmets” the students had just finished making. For this project, each group was given a foam head, and the designs for assembling a ‘helmet’ to protect that foam head.

As STEM advisor, Angela Conrad explained, “The helmets must be weighed and measured for thickness. Anything less than half an inch receives a full score,” Conrad said.

STEM Advisor, Tanner Wenger further explained, “The helmets can weigh whatever they want, but the less it weighs, the more points earned,” Wenger said. For more on this story, put up this weeks edition of The Keota Eagle.