School supplies being collected for those in need

Community members joined together on Saturday, August 5, to go through school supplies to find out what is needed to purchase for children in the Keota Community. 

Donations are currently being collected for the “Back to School” project. For over 25 years, the community and the United Church of Faith have teamed up to help local families during back to school time.

Through the program, families are able to receive necessary items needed to help make sure that they have the supplies for students to be successful at school.

School supplies listed on the Keota School 2017/2018 list, as well as socks and underwear, will be distributed to local children who need them on August 19. Items needed include basics such as pencils, pens, crayons, flash drives and more.

“Some of the bigger ticket items such as flash drives are harder to get donations of, so if people would like to donate those it would be very helpful. We have been fortunate enough that the community has been able to pull together to make sure that no students are without the necessary items they need,” Vicki Fagen said.

Letters have been sent to local families, and families who feel they can benefit from this program are encouraged to call Vicki Fagen at 641-636-3410. The ladies will be getting together in the near future to go through items to sort which items still need to be purchsased.

“Each child receives a backpack, socks and underwear and the items they need from the list. There are also lightly used items of clothing that families can go through,” Fagen continued.

Donations can be left at the United Church of Faith.  Monetary donations can be left with UCF Office Manager Cindy Messenger.