School Spotlight: Angela Conrad and The Eagle’s Wing

Keota High School Teacher and The Eagle's Wing Advisor, Angela Conrad is in this week's Keota Eagle's School Spotlight.

To introduce this new section in The Keota Eagle that will spotlight an employee from the Keota School each week, it seemed appropriate to begin where ‘school news’ happens. Inside a newsprint-lined classroom, advisor Angela Conrad helps make the student paper, The Eagle’s Wing, a reality.

         This term, with her staff of seven students, Conrad oversees the printing of the one-page issue of the student news each week. The students themselves, with Conrad there to guide them, do all of the coverage. The students cover a variety of topics, from staff interviews and senior spotlights, to elementary activities and sports highlights. All of the stories are student compositions, and are subject to the same editing and deadlines of any local paper. In this way the kids on the staff get a hands-on feel for journalism.

         Even with a short visit to the classroom, it is obvious to see the compassion Conrad has for her students. Comments of concern over those missing for the day, as well as direct comments to those present made that quite easy to determine. The working relationship between the Eagle Wing staff and Mrs. Conrad revealed and apparent mutual respect between her and her students.

         Part of this might be because Conrad loves her job and the kids know it. She received her Secondary Education degree from Buena Vista University, with accompanying English, Journalism, and Talented and Gifted Certificates. She said she knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher, and although she did explore some other ideas, she came back to the teaching idea.

         “I knew this was what I always wanted to do,” Conrad said.


To read more about Angela Conrad and The Eagle's Wing, check out the October 3rd issue of the Keota Eagle.