Putting the children first

Sigourney, Iowa- As summer comes around, many kids are excited to have a break from school and get to spend time with their friends. However, for some, young and old, a new fear creeps into their minds when summer comes around: childhood hunger. One group in Keokuk County is looking to stop childhood hunger in its tracks.


            Keokuk County Community Services exists to help any person who has come into a rough patch and needs some assistance in certain areas of their life. Tami Gilliland is the Administrator of Keokuk County Community Services and said that the summer lunch program has been going on for a year now, save for one year.


            “I did it a couple of years ago through the school and it was during summer school. They served out of the school’s kitchen, the elementary school, but the kids couldn’t stay there and eat. They had to take it and leave,” Gilliland said.


            After taking a year off due to lower volunteer numbers, it was decided to restart the summer lunch program in the Keokuk County Community Center, located at 613 S. Jefferson.


            “There was several requests for it,” she said. “we decided it was time to get it up and running since we have our own space to do it,” she also said.


            Gilliland said that the idea itself for the program originated several years ago when she began to receive calls about children trying to take food from school home on the weekend.

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