Public hearing set for vacation of 260th Street

A public hearing for the vacation of a portion of 260th Street southwest of Harper will address a Class B road that has previously been discussed in 2008.

“There was a request to have this road vacated in May of 2008,” County Engineer Andrew McGuire said. “At that time, the motion failed or there was no motion made to vacate this road due to opposition. Reading between the lines, I think there was some objection from the adjacent landowner to have the road vacated.”

A letter was submitted to the Keokuk County Highway Dept in August of this year, with a landowner requesting this vacation be reconsidered after coming to an agreement with the current adjacent landowner.

“This is a short stretch of Class B road south and west of the Harper Quarry, so it’d be south on 270th Street from the quarry and west on 180th Street.”

McGuire was not aware of any routes that would need to be closed if the road was vacated and is notifying those involved of the public hearing on September 25 at 9 a.m. The Board of Supervisors approved the time and date of the public hearing.