PPEL passes by large margin

The Keota School District Voter Approved PPEL vote passed after a February 6 election where 193 people made their way to Libertyville Savings Bank to cast their vote. With a 182-11 vote, this vote passed and will be placed into effect on July 1, 2018.

The Physical, Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) fund is a fund designed for buildings, equipment, and buses over the $500 threshold.

Nearly every district has a standard PPEL levy of $.33 per thousand. In edition, each district is able to vote in up to $1.34 for a total of $1.67, which helps with the purchasing of transportation in the form of buses, cars, and other equipment. The Board has plans to discuss where this money would best be utilized.

There are very strict guidelines when it comes to how the PPEL funding can be used. With the current $1.74 per thousand general obligation bond coming to an end from property taxes this year, property owners will see the PPEL Levy tax replacing it.

“With the PPEL amount set at $1.34, voters will still be receiving a tax break while helping support the district in being able to make significant gains in areas such as technology and transportation,” Business Manager Jeff Dieleman said. “There will still be a decrease of $.40 per thousand from previous years. The approval of this levy will show positive in many ways.”