Portion of 260th Ave to not be vacated

After discussing the possibility of vacating a portion of 260th Ave with adjacent landowners, a decision was made to simply put up a dead end sign to deter traffic from the area.

The section of road begins at the north right of way line of 180th Street and essentially hits a dead end up north. The request for the vacation came from Randy Holtzinger with the permission of Ron Snakenberg, an adjacent landowner. Both parties had been unable to come to an agreement for a vacation in 2008 and thus lead to a no motion by the then Board of Supervisors.

“My reason for wanting to close the road is because of trespassers rutting the road out,” Holtzinger said. “I’m not sure when the last time the county grated the road. With this, I want to be fair to Ron and offered to have a gate at the end and give Ron a key.”

Holtzinger then brought up the option of designating this road as a dead end, rather than vacating it. He believed the same goal of keeping people out would be accomplished if there was signage. Chairman Mike Hadley questioned if a gate would be legal if the road was to remain public and if repeat users would even care about the sign.

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