Pool meeting yields positive feedback

A public hearing on the authorization of a general obligation capital loan for the Keota pool was held on August 28 at the city hall. Members of the community came and asked questions in regards to the pool condition and the plans of putting a liner in versus building a new pool. The council informed the community that the plan would be to put a liner in and repair the plumbing and do other work in order to maintain the current pool since the cost of a new pool was estimated at over one million dollars.

Due to the fact that the total cost of the project is under $400,000, the project would not have to be placed on the ballot. The city council would be asking for approximately $250,000 for a new liner, plumbing and other repairs as well as having a reserve for the life of the liner.

Residents expressed the fact that they felt the small raise in property taxes would be an investment to the community, while others wanted to know exactly what raise there would be to the taxes although they still thought the pool was a needed necessity to the community.

After much discussion, the council decided to look further into what the tax raise would entail and city clerk Tomisha Hammes-Sprouse plans to contact the auditor to get the information needed.

The council decided that at this time they would opt to not place the pool on the ballot. The council decided to defer action on the resolution and continue the proceedings to a later date.