Pleasant Valley Greenhouse: Season and Baby Number Three

This display gives the kiddos something to admire on the greenhouse trip, inspired by Maeson and Bryar Bouslag, Dawn's two best helpers.

         Pleasant Valley Greenhouse in rural Harper is a dream come true for Dawn Bouslog. This will be the third season for the family-run greenhouse, and Bouslog is looking forward to another spring season. Originally Pleasant Valley Greenhouse began in Iowa City and remained in business for over 60 years. Dawn worked for the couple at the Iowa City location on the corner of Gilbert St and Hwy 6 for 10 years. When they decided to retire they approached Dawn about buying the greenhouse side of the business. With the help of family, friends and the original owners, the greenhouse side of the business was transplanted to the Bouslog family farm in rural South English.

         Dawn helps her husband Adam on the family farm when she’s not working in the greenhouse. He in turn, is “ a huge support” and chips in when needed. The couple farms Simmental and Angus cattle, and crops with Adam’s parents and aunt and uncle. Grandma Chris covers much of the extra babysitting on her days of from being a nurse. Babysitting now requires a little extra effort, since Dawn and Adam just welcomed another baby in November.

         After ten years of commuting to Iowa City to work, the extra time working close to home brings her is priceless to Dawn. Bryar and Maeson are great helpers and she even ordered some special ‘unicorn’ lawn ornaments with the little ones in mind. Many of the other non-plant items Dawn offers in her retail section are colorful and fun. The supply of solar decorations she has available are unique as well. 


For the rest of this article, check out the April 3rd issue of the Keota Eagle.