Out with the old, in with the new

New light poles went in at the ball field at Wilson Memorial Park on Friday, April 13.

            Sometimes ball fields, just like any structure, throughout the years will start to see some wear and tear as well as start to show their age. With this comes the want to make the area look and feel young again.

            The ball fields at Wilson Memorial Park have gotten their first round of improvements, as Musco came in and put up new lights on Friday, April 13. This was all possible with the help of a Ball Field Improvement Committee created by individuals throughout the community who decided there was some needed changes to be made to the ball field.

            “The four new lights in the infield meet National Little League standards for light intensity at the field level,” Andy McGuire said. “They are 40 percent more efficient than the two newer lights in the outfield that were installed 15 years ago and many times more efficient than the four poles we replaced on the infield that were installed in the 1970’s.”

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