Living with dementia: Keota Health Care Center

Keota Health Care, a 42 bed licensed facility is transferring over to a memory care unit. This state of the art facility has been taking memory care patients for approximately six months, after IMG took over the company two years ago and decided that there was a need for a memory care unit in the region.

            The term dementia can be used to describe a wide range of symptoms from a decline in memory  to a loss in cognitive skills that are severe enough to impact everyday skills and activities.. There are over 150 types of dementia, most common is Alzheimer’s disease, which impacts 60 to 70 percent of people. Keota has many restorative programs that help with delaying the progression of dementia with their new memory care facility.

            IMG currently owns both Sigourney and Keota, and although Sigourney is a skilled care facility, Keota is focusing on memory care. Currently the CCDI certification is conditional, until the state of Iowa comes to do a review of the facility. At that time the facility will become fully memory care.

            A few residents that were there before the facility decided to change to a memory unit have decided to stay, for many reasons. Many have a strong connection to the community, while others just feel as though the facility is home and cannot see themselves elsewhere. These residents are grandfathered in and will be able to remain the facility as long as they need. Approximately 75 to 8- percent of the current residents are memory care patients.

            While the certification is conditional, surrounding area residents could opt to come to the facility for skilled care if they chose. However; it is possible that that will not be the case once the licensing is fully completed.

            The facility offers many options for residents and prospective clients, including three center rooms. One room is dedicated to the love of music, and you can find a piano and various instruments as well as records from residents eras.

            A nursery room is also available, which provides residents a chance to feel as though they are at a nursery or daycare.

            “We have many residents who love babies and love to take care of the babies as well as take them for a stroll down the hallways, providing a chance for exercise as well for those residents,” community liaison director Jodie Altenhofen said.

            A third room implements outdoor and artistic components with an art table complete with chalkboard, paint, and various other coloring activities, while the other walls are lined with gardening and carpentry items.  Residents can feel as though they are making flower arrangements or working on a project in the garage.

            Lined along the hallways you can find memorabilia that will still memories in those who travel the halls. From costume jewelry to Chinese Checkers, the items can be removed and used by the residents, taking them back to fond memories of their past.

            Although Keota is licensed for 42 residents, Altenhofen reports that they are hoping to stay around 30 residents. She said that company feels with a building of its size, the residents will feel more comfortable and secure with the lower number. For more on this, read this weeks edition of the Keota.