Lemon Boss popping up throughout town

Recently a few lemonade stands have been popping up throughout Keota
called Lemon Boss. This program is sponsored through Hills Bank and Trust and is a
business plan for kids to build a business plan including saving, spending and
Emily and Grace Conger recently took part of the program as well as Landyn
and Aiden Greiner. According to the Conger girls, there was an application process
in order to participate in the program with a business plan.
According to Hills Bank representative Dave Kriz, “This program is for
children ages 5-12 who are interested in running their very first business.  Hills
Bank provides a Lemon Boss kit, which contains all items necessary to get a
lemonade stand started.  Children are asked to stop in the bank and visit with a
banker to fill out an application, which simulates a very basic small business
meeting.  The conversation centers on their goals for their business, the safety rules
associated with running a lemonade stand, their plan to make their business
standout, and how they will account for their profit and an encouragement to use a
portion of their money for a charitable donation.  When children complete their
stands they are encouraged to bring their balance sheet back to the bank to share
their success stories with their banker.” To learn more about this, pick up this weeks edition of the Keota Eagle.