Keota students participate with Strawpoll

While the election took place on November 7, students from across the state took part in a strawpoll election on November 1.

Mr. Jacobsen created a google document for the students in which they could vote throughout the day and the results would then be tallied to him so that he could present them at the end of the day.

One of the big questions is the legalization of fireworks. While 76 percent of the population in Iowa felt as though fireworks should become legal, 87.8 percent of Keota students voted yes.

Another question asked was the top University in Iowa, with Iowa ranked number one throughout Keota as well as the state and Iowa State following behind.

Without a Presidential candidate to vote on for the election, students were instead relied upon to vote on their favorite super hero. Antman showed to be a favorite in the Keota district, although throughout the state of Iowa Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman took the lead, not even putting Antman in the top three.

Mr. Jacobsen said that although this election was not as controversial as the Presidential election of last year, it was still interesting to see how the fireworks bill voting turned out.  

Mr. Jacobsen said, “I was pleased with the participation rate, especially since this was a non-Presidential Midterm election year. The Iowa Secretary of State's office choose these questions to get students across the state of Iowa interested in voicing their opinions and, hopefully, getting excited to vote in the actual elections next week and in the years to come. Having an informed, educated, and engaged electorate is among the highest goals in our Social Studies program here in Keota and the Iowa Youth Straw Poll helps to achieve those aims.”