Keota set to welcome RAGBRAI

Highway 92 saw RAGBRAI riders in 2016, and will see them again on the route in 2018 towards Iowa City.

A route released on Thursday, March 15, released that Harper and Keota will both see RAGBRAI riders early morning July 27.

            The council was approached early last month with the possibility of being a pass through town for riders. At that time, a RAGBRAI committee was established and the committee has already begun to meet and have started the planning of this event.

            RAGBRAI will spend the evening in Sigourney on July 26 and then will travel to Iowa City on a 57.6 mile day which has been named by RAGBRAI coordinators as College Spirit day.

            From Keota, riders will continue along the route to Wellman, and then continue to Kalona, Riverside, Hills and then land in Iowa City.

            The prime time for riders to make it through Keota will be between 7 a.m. up until noon. Many organizations are already planning how to fundraise with breakfast ideas.