Keota Kindergarten Cooks up a Feast

Keota Kindergarteners model their self-made costumes made for the Thanksgiving Feast held last Tuesday, November 20, 2018.  

Thanksgiving is a typical ‘cook all day’ Holiday for most Americans, and the Kindergarten Class at Keota Elementary fits right into the trend. Each year, the students work all day, including some prep work in the days prior, in order to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day Feast they make themselves.

         Kindergarten teacher Colleen Hart said the students worked extra hard to make their costumes as well as all the food they eat at their feast. They even made their own butter and ‘churned it’ by shaking it in little jars.         “Kindergarten cooked all day for the feast. The students read recipes off the board and then helped to mix and stir. The class made corn bread and pumpkin muffins, applesauce, homemade butter, stuffing, and pumpkin pie fluff. They had sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and of course popcorn, which was a new food to the Pilgrims at the first feast in 1621,” Hart said.


For the rest of this story, and individual pictures of each Kindergartener including their personal turkey-cooking instructions, check out the November 28th issue of the Keota Eagle.