Keota HS fall play not exactly ‘The Brady Bunch’

Keota High School’s drama production takes the stage this week and the antics will be nothing short of hilarious. The cast of “A Ready Made Family” by Jay Tobias is directed by Jane Edwards.

“This year’s play is set in the 50s although it was originally written in the mid-30s. The cast has had to do quite a bit of changing and terminology and characters to make some of the characters politically correct in this day and age. It involves two people whose spouses have died and they have children and they meet and fall in love again but the children do not want their parents to marry each other’s parents,” Edwards said of the play.

Widow Agnes Martyn (Anna Duwa) while vacationing meets an old sweetheart, Henry Turner (Aiden Conrad), a widower, and they become engaged. Neither tells the other of the children at home, three in one household and two in the other. The children, having heard of the big surprise, plan to upset the matrimonial applecart by acting their worst before their prospective stepparents.

Audience members will be enthralled with the antics of the youngsters as they turn the household inside out. Can the mischievous offspring derail Agnes and Henry’s search for wedded bliss.

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