Keota Eagles Fly Back to School

School spirit started strong for Keota Community School students. The applause and high-fives echoed from almost a block away, as each child took their turn through a tunnel made up of staff, teachers, and fellow students that waited to welcome them into the 2018/2019 school year. Once the excitement of getting into the building was over, the kids fanned back out the doors and lined up by grade to await the flag ceremony that would truly kick off the school year. Fidgets, giggles, and wiggles passed through the throng of elementary students as they anticipated the “big kids” coming to join them from the High School for the flag recognition.

            As soon as the high schoolers found their spots around the flag pole, Superintendent, Jim Henrich introduced Larry Sanders, who proceeded to raise the flag. A respectful hush fell over the crowd of students, and hands of all ages and sizes rose to the hearts of those in attendance. Once the red, white, and blue rippled in the wind, the school chorus broke the silence with a patriotic rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” The cheers that followed were reminiscent of those before a ball game…but these kids were headed off to classes…and obviously very happy about to be going.


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