Keota EagleRocks! concessions

For the past 15 years, EagleRock! has been in charge of the concession stand at the Keokuk County Expo. From their specialty of lasagna, cinnamon rolls, ice cream and more, this group of students and parents has stepped up to the plate to make sure that the stand is properly staffed.

This year, 23 members of EagleRock! and their parents took turns in the concession stand.

“Some parents even worked more than one shift to get their extra share in,” said Jane Edwards, EagleRock! instructor. “ I enjoy watching the kids and parents interact. It also gives me a chance to interact with some parents I may not know as well as ones I have known forever.”

Edwards said the concession brings in approximately $1,500 in profit, or approximately $50 per member. Each member is required to work a three and a half hour shift, so they average a minimum wage to go towards the program when it is broken down.

The money earned will go to various items needed as far as competitions that EagleRock! is part of.