Keota Chemistry Class Blood Drive a Success

Keota High School students fuel up on snacks after donating blood last Thursday.

Keota High School students are often involved in events where they learn compassion and the concept of giving of themselves. Last Thursday, the students came together to give of themselves in the ultimate way, by donating blood.

Each year the Jennifer Hobbs Chemistry class organizes and sponsors a blood Drive through the Mississippi Valley Regional Valley Blood Center.

“The event has been happening since 2004. I have been involved since 2012. Research shows us that if kids are taught young to be aware of this kind of compassion and giving, they tend to carry it into their adulthood,” Hobbs said.

Donor relations representative for Mississippi Valley, Maureen Steele said that her team visits many schools in the area for similar blood drives like the one Keota sponsored. Workers for the Blood Drive must arrive at the school early to set up the mini-clinic, which consists of exam tables, testing vials, and coolers for the collected blood to be stored in. Steele explained how many people are involved to make a Blood Drive happen, from the initial sponsors and organizing team to the clinicians who actually collect the blood, to the drivers who transport the substance at the end of the drive.

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