Keokuk County Supervisors Approve the Replacement of “Zombie Bridge”

            Bridges and bulbs were the pressing issues at the October 1, 2018 meeting of the Keokuk County Board of Supervisors.

            Chairman Michael Hadley brought the meeting to order and after the agenda and minutes of previous meeting were approved, the Board heard from County Engineer Andy McGuire regarding the future of “Zombie Bridge,” located on 230th Street, Section 07 Township 75N, Range 11W, Plank South. At a meeting with the Keokuk County Highway Department the Wednesday prior, bids were considered with the lowest coming in from BRS Construction from Missouri. The low bid of $265,782.50 came in almost $85,000 lower than the project estimate.

            McGuire checked into the background of BRS Construction and although this will be the first bridge this company is to construct in Iowa he is confident they are a good choice. They have been incorporated since 1992, they do grating and road work, their superintendent has been in the bridge business for 25 years with the same lead carpenter for the last 10 years, guaranteeing some “continuity.”

            “So I think they would be able to do the job…This company has done D.O T. projects in Missouri so they know how to work with government entities, so I have no reservations about giving these guys a shot,” McGuire said.

            After hearing McGuire’s comments, the Board discussed briefly and then voted to approve the contract for BRS Construction to replace the bridge.

            Among other County business discussed was the “Approval of Resolution to Adopt the 2018 Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan for Keokuk County, Iowa,” the acknowledgement of the annual/seasonal resignation of Bradley J Luers of the Conservation department, and the acknowledgement of the resignation of part-time home health aide, Wendy Lankford, which according to Chairman Hadley came as a surprise to the Board.

            “We had no idea this was coming,” Hadley said.

            Supervisor, Daryl Wood reported back to the Board regarding 10-15 transit business. He said that many of the rides given were for medical trips so minivans were being used more frequently. He also mentioned that all veterans always ride free.


For more on this meeting, catch the October 3rd issue of The Keota Eagle.