Irish dancers ignite leaping applause

Photo by Hal Masover

The sold out crowd at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center nearly leapt from their seats at the completion of the two Step Production of  “Carol of the King, Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular” last Friday, November 30, 2018.

Justin Boros, and Gregg Senko, both professional Irish dancers, founded two Step Productions in 2008.

“The company’s name comes from a Dave Matthews Band song of the same title, which is designed to impart both inspiration and the encouragement of dance. The logo represents the driving force behind Carol of the King, which features the prints of Irish hard shoes combined with the foot placement of Dave Matthews during his signature dance step,” Two Step Production stated.

This performance marked the first of a 17-show tour for the dancing troupe, that travels year round delighting crowds with their Irish ‘kicks.’ During the spring and summer months, the group performs another show, “Rhythm in the Night” with a different theme and plot. For the Holiday season, the dances are all choreographed around a central plot about a King named Solomon, (Justin Boros) and what happens to his Kingdom when the dark sorceress Circe (Jessie Driscoll) comes to snuff out the Spirit of Christmas.

As both sides of the conflict attempt to dance each other out of the picture, the Queen Brighid, (Tehya Baxter) and the Kings brother Aidan (Sergey Nazarov) help to keep the spirit of Hope alive. This eventually prevails and the Spirit of Christmas is celebrated in a Grand finale of dance and music.

The light show itself was exceptional and blended with the selected Christmas musical classics perfectly. Along with a stellar performance of dancers moving in perfect unison at sometimes alarming speeds, the audience had a hard time siting still. Several times, they broke out into unified clapping in an effort to somehow participate and engage with the toe-tapping artists on the stage.

After the show, the entire cast came into the lobby of the Conventions Center to enable audience members the opportunity to meet them and snap a quick photo. With exhilarated smiles of possible relief, or of satisfaction for that standing ovation, the cast remained until the long line of fans had a chance to pose with the troupe, or say a quick hello or thank you.

Perhaps it is the nature of the Irish dance that creates the feeling of shared energy, as the fast pace and quick footwork almost requires that time speeds up. No doubt, it takes a very special kind of dancer to keep time with an entire group of dancers at such a pace. Watching the dancers takes almost no effort, but the experience seems to be almost as exhilarating as dancing might be.

An exciting combination, Christmas music and Irish dancing, one that tantalized the crowd to their feet, and left an entire auditorium of people with the Spirit of Christmas. With many more Christmas shows coming up, there is something for everyone at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.