The Human Commodity: Part 2

Michael Ferjak explains the very distinct difference between the 'choice' of prostitution and the 'force' behind sex trafficking.

            Michael (Mike) Ferjak has taken his law enforcement career into the darkest corners of the world to bring back victims of human trafficking. Unfortunately, some of those dark corners are right here in Iowa and that is what his education program, “I Know A Guy,” is all about. Ferjak presented a program Thursday, April 25, at the Marengo Public Library that focused on educating Iowans on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Iowa and what we, as average citizens, can do to help the problem. The first thing we must do is open our eyes and be aware. As some cases have already proven, it only takes a few seconds of awareness to save a life.

            As large of a concern that human trafficking has become, there are some who have proven it only takes a few people to make a huge impact as well. Local Taylor Bluemel is one of those citizens who have stepped up to help spread the truth. As the cinematographer and editor for the movie 'Gridshock,' which is a documentary about sex trafficking in Iowa, directed by Vanessa (McNeal) Atadoga. He and Atadoga hope to make a difference by educating folks on the truth about sex trafficking.

            These education programs are essential for waking people up to the horrors some of their fellow Iowa citizens are facing each day. What traffickers are counting on most, especially around here, is that we are not paying attention, or are living by the mindset, ‘it’s none of my business.’ The message Ferjak is trying to spread is the opposite. According to him, victims of sex trafficking rarely resurface during their time under control, so if they are lucky enough to be noticed, it is essential that those of us who might notice something ‘not quite right’ speak up for them.


For more of this article check out the May 15th issue of the Keota Eagle.