Hoots for the Hooters

Breast Cancer survivor and Bras For a Cause creator, Laurie Hornback.

Hedrick – Cheers reached the rafters when Laurie Hornback asked for a round of applause for the Hedrick Volunteer Fireman, as they lined up on the stage of the Carl Craft Civic Center waiting for their turn on the catwalk. For the eighth year in a row, the firemen have donated themselves as models for event, which Hornback created for the purpose of raising money for breast cancer screenings through Greater Komen Iowa.

         As Hornback announced in the opening, the 2018 event raised $27,200, making the combined funds raised for the eight years a total of $97,300. A hundred percent of the proceeds have gone to Komen, now Greater Komen Iowa, the majority of the money being raised at the “Bras For a Cause” event, but also through other donations provided throughout the year.

         Before the models were introduced, Hornback listed many people to acknowledge, including friends, family, and all 23 sponsors.

         “I need to thank my husband Mike, my kids, Andy, Lacy, Nina, Ashley, Molly, all these crazy fireman,” Hornback said.


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