Homecoming Finally Arrives in Keota

During half-time of the boys' basketball game, Homecoming King, Austin Waterhouse escorted Queen Frankie Johnson into the gym for their crowning.

Keota - Homecoming finally came last Friday, February 1, 2019 for the Keota Eagles, both current and alumni. The excitement in the rumbling bleachers during Friday afternoon’s pep rally revealed that this celebration was long overdue.

         First, from 1:15 to a little after 2, the junior high and high school students joined together in the gym for “Anything Goes.” After a round of ‘body balloon popping’ where the objective was to pop a balloon with one’s own weight, the students shifted gears and began an all-grade Dodge Ball Tournament. At first it was Seniors against 7th Grade, with the 7th graders victorious. Next the Juniors took on the 8th and the Juniors came out the winners. The final round was between the teachers and everyone else. Since this, numerically, was incredibly one-sided, some of the students took pity on the teachers and joined their team. This paid off specifically for High School Resource teacher, Dakota McCombs, who repeatedly used one of the students as a human shield. Crouching down and hiding behind the student until they approached the line, where he would then pop out and throw someone out, almost every time.

         After the fun of “Anything Goes,” the elementary students joined the party for the Homecoming Pep Rally. Students from all grades lined the bleachers to cheer along with the cheerleaders, applaud the energetic Dance team performance, and be inspired by talks from both the girls and boys basketball coaches.


For the rest of this article, check out the February 6th issue of the Keota Eagle.