Hard Barney Rocks the Sundown

Hard Barney players Left to Right: Brent Coffman, Matt Brower, Leo Leinen, Mike Tebockhurst, and Brad Coffman.

            The Sundown Bar and Grill in Williamsburg was grooving to the sounds of Hard Barney last Saturday, March 16, 2019. A good share of the crowd were those that had traveled north from Keokuk County for the show, among them some of the pickers and players of the Rock ‘n Flamers.

            Hard Barney members are part of a beautiful musical family that lives among us and spends their extra time making sure we have a good time. Other members of this family can often be found close-by. James and Cass Moore, and Craig Morrison came to support Hard Barney and got put to work for a few songs.

            Just a week after getting together to say goodbye to their dear friend, these players seemed to hit the stage with a little extra zeal and played their hearts out for the mostly packed dance floor. Song after song, the energy seemed to build as the crowd and band borrowed and shared each other’s energy.


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