Hammes-Sprouse named City Clerk

Tomisha Hammes-Sprouse

Keota native, Tomisha Hammes-Sprouse will be taking a new position in the city as the City Clerk.

Tomisha and her husband Mike, who works at Farmers Cooperative, and their two sons, Tucker and Grayson, are rooted in Keota with strong conncections to the community.

Sprouse is not new to the government side of Keota. “In 2008, I started my term on the Keota City Council. I started on the City Council with no children and came off after one term with two boys at the end of 2011. I feel like I am very familiar with the expectations of this position. I have knowledge from the council side and also as an employee from the library side,” Sprouse said.

Sprouse has already been in the City Hall working alongside current City Clerk Niki Osweiler in the mornings before fulfilling her position at the library. Osweiler’s last day was July 14, and Sprouse said she wanted to get in soak up all of her knowledge. Sprouse said she is looking forward to the challenge of the job itself, but also knows of a few big projects Osweiler had started on with the council, and she is excited to help see those projects to fruition.

“My official last day at the library will be Tuesday, July 25, but I have promised to help the new director once they hire one. I want all departments to have a very smooth transition and will make myself available whenever possible to help train the new library staff,” Sprouse added.

Sprouse concluded by stating, “I have truly loved working at the library. I am extremely grateful to my Library Board for taking a chance on me, and giving me the freedom to run with my ideas. The support our local library gets from the community is amazing and I hope that continues. I am also excited to start this next chapter. I am appreciative of this new role I have been given and look forward to working in a different capacity for the City of Keota”.

With her new position, this also has left an opening at the library for a director. During the transition, Sprouse will be available in the mornings, but City Hall hours may vary.