Greiner to add to math personnel

With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa with a junior high and coaching endorsement, Shelley Greiner is bringing herself out of retirement.

            Greiner recently retired from Washington Community School District after working there for 31 of her 33 years teaching. She retired along with several other teachers who reached the rule of 88, which is when a member is age 55 or older, and the sum of the member's age at the last birthday and years of service equals or exceeds 88.

            Greiner and her husband, Lindsay, live outside of Keota. They are the proud parents of four boys, Keaton (Jaclyn), Kalen, and Kolton, all Keota and Iowa State graduates or attendees. They are also the proud grandparents of two granddaughters, one being only a few days old.

            “Teaching is like gardening, you get to plant a seed, watch it grow while you nurture it, and watch it grow and thrive. My passion is to instill the love of learning into those children,” Greiner says.

            Greiner is excited to come out of retirement and continue on the joyous journey she calls teaching. She is excited to be full time as she said she would be able to build a rapport with her students that she would not be able to do through just subbing.

            Greiner will have three classes first thing in the morning consisting of pre-algebra and algebra. Although she has her coaching endorsement, she says she will not be taking advantage of any coaching opportunities.

            “Before my kids were born I coached varsity basketball and was an assistant volleyball and assistant softball coach. Now that our family is growing I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, and now grandchildren,” Greiner says.

            Although Greiner says she knows a lot of the parents, she is looking forward to meeting all of the new parents and children as well and is looking forward to taking on this journey with the Keota Community Schools.