Grease highlights local talent

Grease is being performed at the Washington Community Theater

When Danny and Sandy fall in love over a carefree summer fling, Danny comes back only to discover that Sandy has moved to his school and is torn between his love and his bad boy image with the Pink Ladies and T-Birds.

Many local talented actors and actresses bring the musical live to stage with many musical numbers and spot on choreography.

Sandy, who is played by Cailee Wenger, junior high choir and vocal coach at Washington middle School, grabs the attention of the crowd with her spot on vocals for her many musical numbers throughout the performance.

Cailee said, “Being new to the area, the part of Sandy is very fitting to myself. I live in an area where not many know my husband or myself. I relate well to the part as well, because I was a lot like Sandy growing up and in a sense I still am.”

When Tanner Wenger first joined the play, he was an ensemble member after being coerced by his wife, Cailee. When the part of Sonny came up, he gladly accepted the challenge, and larger role.

“ I am excited to be in this show alongside my wife and I love the music and songs from Grease,” Tanner says. He adds, “ In preparing myself for the part of Sonny I think back to myself an my buddies that I have been friends with since preschool. I was definitely not a Sonny, in fact, I would compare myself with Doody. However; I think of some of the guys who did try to get with all of the girls and show off and be cool, and do what I think they would do.”

Both Tanner and Cailee say it has been a great experience to work with many other talented performers in the area and it has definitely been a fun experience getting to know the cast and the crew that made the performance possible.

Also joining the production of “Grease” is Keota graduate Nicole Frederick, who takes on the role of Patty Simcox, a bubbly cheerleader. Nicole is not new to the theater as she has been in many recent productions at the theater, including recently playing Fiona in Shrek.

“I am excited to bring Patty Simcox to life. I try to find a bit of myself in every character I play. Patty Simcox and I share the peppy attitude, loudness and need for everything to go perfectly. She is a really fun person to play. Despite her annoyingness, I hope she does find her own Danny someday,” Frederick states.

Along with Keota talent, two local Sigourney students join in on the production of “Grease” after a recent performance of the production this spring at their high school.

“ I love the character of Rizzo because she is fun, a leader, and sassy,” Abbey Danowsky claims. “I love the production of Grease because it is a great coming-of-age story and everyone can relate to the character”.

Khloe Snakenberg also joins the production as a member of the Pink Ladies as Marty, who is high energy as well.

“ I am really excited to play Marty. I love community theater and meeting new people,” Khloe says.

Both Sigourney students have solos in the production emphasizing their vocal capabilities. Having been in a recent production of “Grease”, director Dave Helmuth had to remind the girls that every production is different and although the experience helped them to fill the roles, there would be differences in the production from the high school production.

Ensemble actor Megan Yoder says, “ I am really excited to be part of the ensemble for this show. I am looking forward to transporting the audience back with us to Rydell High in the 1950s.”

If you missed this weeks performance of “Grease” the show will have a final weekend showing June 24 and 25.