Grants Help Make School Secure

Keota School Superintendent and Keota Eagle Advocate volunteer, Sheila Horras accept a grant which will help enhance security at Keota Schools.

                  Keota Community Schools was the lucky recipient of 2 grants this month to complete the project for providing school security in all our buildings. This has been an ongoing project for the past 2 years and was enhanced by a review of our practices by a Homeland Security consultant.

                  The project has been completed in phases which include: 1. Additional light poles with Led lights in the parking lot and all previous lighting changed to LED to allow full visibility at all times. 2. New doors were installed at the 3 public entrances with a screening of visitors that requires visual and auditory identification before entrance is allowed. 3. Cement barriers were added to the entrances of both schools to prevent the use of a motor vehicle as a weapon. 4. A window covering placed on the ground level cafeteria windows that allows light and vision from inside but obstructs vision from the outside. 5. A total of 12 cameras will be placed to provide coverage of the perimeter of the building, including the playground, and also interior areas with a server that can monitor up to 32. Five cameras will be placed on the buses. 6. One ground level classroom window will receive a covering that will also allow light and views from the inside but will not allow vision from the outside. More will likely be placed but will start with one to determine what works best.

For more on this story, check out the May 22nd issue of the Keota Eagle.