Glow dance

The boys line up to begin the process of taping Mr. Smith to the chair during the Glow dance.

Being a Principal is hard work, but Mr. Smith encourages the fun with the students throughout the year. This event would be no different as students stood tape in hand eager to put a piece of duck tape on Mr. Smith to ensure he was tied down for the cause.

            Throughout the year, students have been collecting box tops for their school and classes in a challenge to prevail over the other classes for the ultimate prize, a chance to tape down their principal.  With a total of 4,660 box tops collected, the boys were the winners with 3,009 while the girls had 1.650. These totals brought the box top collections up to 8,275 for the year.

            This award was given during the Glow Dance, a reward earned by elementary students grades pre-k through sixth for their positive behavior and SOARR awards, part of the PBIS program at Keota.

            The Keota PTO donated all of the glow necklaces and bracelets for this event and local Michael McNurlen played the students favorite music to celebrate.

            Students will continue to collect box tops for items needed for their classrooms and school. If you would like to collect these for the school, you can take them to the Elementary office.