Farm Service Agency announces continuous CRP signup

Filter Strips, like the one pictured, play an important role in Conservation. The CRP program seeks to expand on those.

As part of an effort by Farm Service Agency (FSA)to continue to preserve sensitive land areas, a continuous CRP program signup has been announced. According to Jason Gritsch, Private Lands Wildlife Technician for the Iowa DNR, the continuous sign up began on June 3 and will run until August 23rd. A number of options are available to landowners.

“They basically have either a 10 or a 10 to 15-year contract that the landowner can sign up and receive an annual payment for that land. Landowners have the opportunity to add a one year to contracts that are already under the 15 years,” Gritsch said at a recent interview with the News-Review.

The USDA offers a variety of conservation programs to landowners, which allow for them to set aside land to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and boost soil health.

“Those are basically the three main things that we are looking for here,” Gritsch said of what he looks for in the CRP program.

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