Fagen Elevator celebrates 100 years


In August of 1917, Walter Fagen was given an opportunity that presented the chance to live his large dreams. In the small town of only 1,000, the biggest business was for sale. He consoled with his wife Mabel, and on September 10, 1917 purchased the business and home in Keota for a $15,500.

Through the stock market crash and World War II, the business managed to survive with the help of the family. In 1958, when Walter Sr. died tragically in a fire, his three sons took over and Fagen became one of the most well-known agriculture elevator businesses in southeast Iowa. Now, 100 years later, the business is still operating and the grain elevator remains a stable in the town, run by Larry and David, sons of Donald.  

According to Peter Fagen, “This is not only the story of an entrepreneur, but the story of a hardworking Iowa family that loves God, their country, and has continued to provide a service to their fellow citizens. The story of Walter Loren Fagen, his family, and the 100 years of the Fagen Elevator business, is the story of a dreamer who pursued his dream, fought and worked hard in pursuit of his dream!”

The 100 year celebration was well attended with members from not only Iowa, but many other states coming back to celebrate not only the business, but the memories that have kept their family together. For pictures and more of this story, pick up this weeks Keota Eagle

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