Ellis garden full of production


For 30 years, Larry Ellis has been learning how to get the best results from his 40 by 40 foot garden.

            With tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, two kinds of onions, cucumbers, khalarabi, potatoes, radishes and green beans, the Ellis garden has always produced a nice yield of crops. Last year Ellis had potatoes that averages a weight of 2.5 pounds.

            “Wait until May and put it all in within one day,” was his advice, although not willing to divulge what day in May he chooses. With rows that are wide enough to push his small tiller down, Ellis said he is the only one who works on the garden.

            “My wife cleans the vegetables when they come inside but nobody helps with the planting, weeding or maintaining.” he stated.

            When asked if he had any advice to give someone wanting to start or improve their garden, he said, “ A little lime, urea and map phosphate every three years in the soil. Other than that, I do not use a lot of fertilizer other than a little miracle grow.”

            Ellis said he buys his fertilizer and vegetables locally and has Merlin Detweiler till his garden annually.

            “This year I got my breakfast radishes from Rhea’s and they were the best I ever had. I got my onion sets from Brother’s Market and they are ready as well to be picked.”

            The Ellis garden is located at 209 N. Carpenter in Keota.