EagleRock! performs in Florida

EagleRock! performing at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

          Getting the chance to travel is a fun and treasured experience for most, but for
some it may be years for them to get the chance to travel outside of their home state.
          EagleRock! students got the opportunity to travel to Florida, on top of getting to
perform at one of the most popular amusements parks in the United States.
          “For most of them it was their first time flying and first time to see the ocean,”
EagleRock! coach Jane Edwards said. “For some it was their first time traveling without
family and going out of the Midwest.”
          An invitation was given to the group of students to be able to perform at
Universal Studios in Orlando. This invitation is part of the parks STARS Performance
Program, where different types of performance groups are able to entertain guests at the
park. The groups are non-marching, which was appropriate for EagleRock! Show Choir.
          “They flew down very early Tuesday morning and went to Cocoa Beach,”
Edwards said.
          The performance was set for Wednesday, March 28 at Universal. After that, the
students were able to have a little bit of fun before returning home very early on
Saturday, March 31.
          “Thursday they visited SeaWorld, and saw all of the animals and rode the roller
coasters,” Edwards said. “Friday they went back to Universal.”
          Unfortunately, the students had to leave behind 88 degree Florida weather to
arrive back in Keota to 30 degree weather.
          Suzanne Black and Jill Mcnurlen also joined the students and Edwards on the
five-day trip.