EagleRock! looks at experienced leaders in 2018

Keota’s own EagleRock! returned to the stage for their first show of the season on Wednesday, Nov. 1 with new members, a new choreographer, but a lot of familiar faces.

“It’s a much older group than we normally have,” Director Jane Edwards said. “They are working on stuff they shouldn’t be able to yet, which pushes this group even further. Technically, we have the show learned, but we have some perfecting to do.”

Consisting of eight juniors and seven seniors, the show choir veterans were able to pick up more work than usually possible, according to Edwards. Already, the group has four songs prepped and ready for performance, while past members have managed to get three ready for their first performance of the year.

“I feel we have a lot of experience this year, so teamwork and working together really define us,” Bergen Dalton, a junior member of ER! said. “Show choir takes a lot of focus and this group can do that.”

That focus came in handy, as ER! was introduced to a new choreographer this year. Grant Luther hails from Iowa State University, bringing new choreography with a “pop” that students and director enjoy.

“He’s young and phenomenal,” Edwards said. “It’s young choreography, more hip, more pop to it, which our kids love. When our old choreographer decided he didn't have time for us, he did post us as looking for a choreographer on a show choir site.  We had 20 people interested within days. Grant’s stuff was on his website and it looked like stuff we could do and would like.” For the rest of this story, check out this week's edition of The Keota Eagle.