Dutch Creek Flyers

The Dutch Creek Flyers have had an amazing start to the year so far and are excited to continue that into 2019. Our club has continued to grow and we are excited about all of the new members and projects they are involved in. We started off our year by electing officers president Bailey Sieren, vice president Carmen Sieren, secretary Adelle Jenkins, reporter Charlotte Sieren, and junior officer Gavin Sieren. In November we held a


food drive for our local food pantry and were happy to be able to give back to the community. In December we had a fun holiday party. We had pizza and a gift exchange. We also had a hat and mitten drive and donated the items to the Keota Elementary. Our next meeting is Sunday, January 6 from 5-6 at the Keota church hall. We look forward to all of the fun 4-H


events for the year to come.


For the rest of this article, check out the March 20th issue of the Keota Eagle.