Dr. Rhonda Wehr 4-H Hall of Fame

Many of the dogs in our area behave much better thanks to Dr. Rhonda Wehr, and perhaps a few kids turned out a tad better too. For over two decades, Wehr facilitated a Keokuk County Dog Obedience Program for Keokuk County 4-H members, which ran for 13 weeks every summer. She also served as a Co-Leader for the local 4-H “Stick to It” club, and has served as a fair judge a number of times, as well. This summer, Wehr was recognized for her dedication to volunteering at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines when she was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame.

            Over the years, more than 200 kids and their dogs have passed through the Keokuk County 4-H Dog programs. Not only was Wehr instrumental in starting the obedience program and facilitating its operation for 23 years, she also helped start the Dog Agility Program in Keokuk County in the ‘90’s, which is a bit like an obstacle course for dogs.

            “We had seen it, but we didn’t have the funding, so the 4-H kids and I raised the funds and built the equipment ourselves, and they’re still using it.”

            Although Wehr is now retired from volunteering, she said the program remains strong in “the very capable hands of Mary Brainard.”

            Wehr has been a veterinarian for 37 years, 18 of those years with a solo practice in Sigourney. She now works part-time at the Keota Veterinary Clinic performing small animal surgeries, which includes things like, “spays, neuters, lumps and bumps.”

            She said she plans to keep working part-time, “As long as my hands and my eyes last, because I enjoy what I am doing.”


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