Doggie Days of Summer

            July, 2019 has left a sunspot on most of Iowa with record heatwaves. Most likely, we have not seen the last of the heat for Summer 2019, so it’s important that we remember to keep our furry friends in mind.

            With heat like we have been facing, the best way to keep everyone cool is with an air-conditioned house, obviously. Since, this is not always the case, and even when it is, the following tips may help our felines and canines beat the heat.

            Number one rule in staying cool: water, water, water. Keep plenty of fresh, cool water available to your pets and often. Adding ice on hot days helps keep water cool. Staying hydrated is an essential part of an animal’s natural cooling system.

            On second thought, how important is that walk today? All dogs, and their owners, can benefit from a little exercise, especially some breeds with high energy. However, on some days, the risks of dehydration and overheating can outweigh the benefits of exercise so use caution when exercising your pet in extreme heat. If you must walk your dog, keep to shorter walks in the cooler parts of the day and keep water available. Remember to check the temperature of the surface before walking your pet’s paws onto it. Asphalt and concrete get very hot and can result in burns, so walk on the grass when possible.


For the rest of this article, check out the July 24th issue of the Keota Eagle.