Dieleman gets down to business with Keota School district

Jeff Dieleman is the 2017-2018 Business Manager at Keota School District. 

Jeff Dieleman has taken over as Keota’s business manager, effective July 1. Dieleman has been in the Keota office familiarizing himself with this new position, after the Board voted to share the position with Washington School District.

Dieleman is a North Mahaska graduate who furthered his education in Computer Science with an Accounting minor from Central College. He is also a licensed school business official and is currently beginning his tenth year working for Washington.

Dielman has a lot of experience and has even presented at school board conventions. With the agreement, Keota will have Dieleman 25 percent of the time and 75 percent of his time at the Washington district.

“There are a lot more hats to wear at Keota. In Washington, certain jobs are delegated to one individual. With a smaller district, an individual wears many hats,” Dieleman said about the concerns he has with the new position.

He said that he is up for the challenge, and that the district is not only gaining himself, but also his team as well. His accounts payable team is currently working with new board secretary Gina Bennett in order to get things set up on the cloud so they are share documents and work together more diligently.

“I think having another set of eyes is always a good thing. Also, with having a nice support system, we will be able to correspond to a situation more effectively,” Dieleman said.

When not working, you can find him bicycling or in his muscle car. Dieleman said he plans to be the guy sitting quietly in the corner that is ensuring that the business side of the school is getting the attention it needs. Although early in the game, he hopes to look at different ways to save the district money and restructure the current system.