Davis promises to be new face in legislature

Sigourney, Iowa- The 2017 and 2018 sessions of the Iowa Legislature has brought a lot of emotions out from Iowans, all in favor or opposition to some of the actions of the legislature. For some, those emotions have prompted them to get more involved in the political scene in Iowa. One of those persons is Kim Davis, of Washington.

“I’ve seen what’s happened over the past two legislative sessions and I’ve just felt a need for some newer representation for district 78 for quite some time now,” Davis said.
Davis, a Democrat, is running against incumbent Republican Jarad Klein, of Keota. Klein has served in the house since winning election in 2010.

“I really firmly believe that we need to have new faces in our legislature on a regular basis. I believe in term limits and having fresh ideas and new motivated representation is just a benefit for everyone,” Davis added.

Davis views the most pressing issues facing residents of house district 78 as healthcare. On healthcare, Davis views with contempt the decision to privatize Iowa’s Medicaid system.

“I don’t think it’s been a good thing for Iowans. It was the wrong step,” Davis said. “Just overall, we’re lacking and it’s hurting Iowans,” she added.

She acknowledged, however, that there were some issues with the previous system before privatization.

“Obviously when it was publicly owned, it wasn’t perfect. There were flaws but this privatization wasn’t well thought out. I hear horror stories every single time, it seems like, I knock on a door. It’s not working, it’s been three years, and it’s still having a really negative affect on Iowans,” Davis said.

Davis said that it is necessary for all interested parties to discuss the issues with Medicaid together, and work to find a solution that fits everyone.

“I think getting everyone around the table when it comes to providers, when it comes to people in billing, when it comes to just patients; people can talk about their experience, we can talk about exactly how we want to move forward,” she said.

Davis added she would like to see Iowa implement a single-payer system.

“I think the more we can talk about how we can expand our Medicaid system and get more people under the same umbrella, we will have costs just plummet. Hopefully we will also have wait times and medication costs also go down,” she said. “To me, moving towards a single-payer and expanded Medicaid system is really the only answer at this point,” she added.

On mental health, Davis said she feels Iowa’s jails have become defacto mental health facilities, due to a lack of services.

“It’s been really unfair to our law enforcement and to our people who are suffering from mental disease or mental health illness to be treated this way, and to have to put up with this,” Davis said.

She added that she believes it is time to open up new facilities or reopen prior facilities, noting that the state’s recent announcement of establishing new acute facilities is a step in the right direction.

“We have had over the years, several good mental health facilities that may not have been operating perfectly, but were doing a job, and a very necessary job. We can reopen facilities, we can fund existing facilities, we can do all different kinds of treatment and assisted therapy, different kinds of approaches for dealing with mental health. But also too, I think it’s worth while just thinking about our jails and our law enforcement officers may want to receive more training in that area too,” Davis said.

Another issue that has been of interest for voters is the state tax reform implemented in this year’s legislative session. Davis said she does not support the reform passed earlier this year.

“It’s going to affect tour state revenue streams,” she said. “I strongly don’t support it,” Davis added.

Davis expressed concerns that the tax reforms largely benefited higher wage earners, and does not provide enough relief to the middle class.


For more on this story, check out the October 3rd issue of The Keota Eagle.


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