Dashing to learn robotics

Student's worked together to make Dash the robot do a certain sequence of movements and sounds. 

Most kids learn best when they get to be hands on, especially when they get to have fun at the same time. With Dash the robot kids get the chance to learn math and problem solving while playing and interacting with each other through different simulations.

            Angela Snakenberg, as well as Toni Greiner, assisted the students in getting into groups and the tablets set up to begin the afternoon’s workshop, which was held on Thursday, March 22 at Wilson Memorial Library.

            The Dash robot works through an app that is compatible with smartphones and tablets.  The students follow the instructions in the activities, which helps Dash do all of the different movements.  These include moving in different directions, ability to turn the head, making sounds, talking, changing color patterns and it can also follow the students around.

For the full story, please see this week's issue of the Keota Eagle.