Council Votes on City Employee Compensation

            Everyone was present for the roll call at the Keota City Council meeting on March 18, 2019 at 7 p.m. The Consent agenda was swiftly approved and only two citizens made comments during the citizen forum section.

            Jim Tennis inquired about the progress on the Salvage Ordinance and whether there had been a walk-through done lately. Mayor Anthony Cansler responded to the first question by saying that the council was still in the reviewing process of the ordinance. Councilman Mike Bender said that he had stopped by McDonald Bone Yard, but had not done a walk-through because of the mud.

            The other citizen to speak was Nick Mahan who said he only wished to remind the council before that evening’s votes on employee compensation that because of the library’s slashed budget, they had to “let two people go” and the current librarian will “basically never get a raise again.”

            “Hopefully you guys will take that into consideration before you vote tonight,” Mahan said.

            The Public Works Director Kevin Slaubaugh reported that seven ash trees have been brought down, five of which have been cleaned up. His goal is to have the rest down before Easter.


For the rest of this article, check out the March 27th issue of the Keota Eagle.