Council looks into 2019 budget

Fiscal year 2019 salaries were part of the main agenda on the March 5 council meeting. City Clerk Tomisha Hammes-Sprouse was approved for a $1000 per year increase yearly over the course of the next three years upon completion of her certification requirements.

The council agreed to approve Kevin Slaubaugh yearly wages by five percent and keep Craig Frederick at the same pay.

The council voted 3-2 for a freeze in Doug Conrad's pay, with a veto by Mayor Tony Cansler. According to city code 380.6, the council can come back in 14 days and revote with a 4/5 needed in order to pass.

The council chose to approve the budget with the changes to the FY 2019 year, making  amendments as needed after the negotiations on Officer Conrad's salary. Hammes-Sprouse is required to have the budget to the state by March 15. 

Please view the March 7 issue of the Keota Eagle for full story.