Council decides fate of city pool for 2018 season

There was a full agenda for the Monday, May 7 City Council meeting, with a little extra added on here and there, as well as plenty of in depth discussions on certain topics.


The main topic of the night was the fate of the pool for the summer of 2018. With many items in question, the council needed to discuss if they were wanting to risk the safety of the community by opening the pool for the season, or if it was better to close the pool for a year and investigate improvements.


There was quite a debate, but safety was the biggest concern. Cracks in the floor were the cause, multiple times during the 2017 season, of many cuts on individual’s feet. The area around the pool is becoming a tripping hazard. The city is also concerned about not having enough full-time help for the season to be able to be open the hours needed.

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