Cobras can’t overcome Wilton in emotional game

The Cobras were coming off a high after beating EBF a week earlier, a team that’s had their number in the recent past. They did so without one of their star players, Carson Crawford, proving to themselves they can beat anyone if they stick together. They were unable to get things going when they headed over to play Wilton on September 21 and wound up losing 0-35.

The SK fans and players were in for a bit of a surprise when they saw Crawford had suited up and was ready to play.

“Carson playing was completely unexpected. He came down 7th hour and said he wanted to go get his stuff and dress and play. Definitely a tough decision, but I talked to his parents and they were on board with him playing in his last opportunity of his senior year,” SK coach Jared Jensen said. “He is a tremendous football player, and to miss the rest of his senior season is a tough thing to handle, so I understand his reason wanting to suit up one last time before surgery.”

It wasn’t just Crawford’s last game of the year however, it was also Zech Boender’s final game as a Cobra.

“It was impressive to see Carson and Zech both stepping up and getting the most of their senior season before their surgeries, both kids are tough as nails and we were happy to have them on this team the last four years,” Jensen said. “We just have to get healthy and come back this week focused and regain some confidence for a run at the playoffs.”

The Cobras had a chance to put together some longer drives, but instead they wound up stalling out. They would come close to stopping the Wilton offense, but big plays haunted them.

“Our guys fought hard but just couldn’t match the size or speed of Wilton,” Jensen said. “We were really close to breaking a few runs out in the open field, but we just couldn’t move the ball consistently.”

The Cobras now turn their attention to the Warriors as Van Buren comes to town on September 28 for Homecoming.